What does it mean to feel depressed? Is it an inexplicable force that controls you? Or a constant anxiety towards an unclear future?

This game is a little experiment on how emotions can be translated to game mechanics and design. Across 11 short levels players are invited to engage with different interpretations of what depression means. Several participants were interviewed for this project, asking about how they defined depression, and how it could translate into a game. Their thoughts shaped the design for each level of this experiment.


All of us can face difficult situations from time to time. This game is only meant for sharing and exploring experiences and ideas about depression. If you are in crisis, feeling depressed or suicidal, please get in contact with a crisis phone line, your doctor, therapist, or a hospital immediately. Always seek advice from health care professionals with any questions you might have regarding your situation. Please take care of yourself and each other.


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Beautiful music and a short sobering experience that accurately conveys familiar feelings of empty hopelessness.


this hit too close to home


It would be really cool to download the soundtrack of the game, is so cool.


I second this